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Putting up a Christmas gig! ( ALREADY!)


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Back here in Japan, there is no Thanksgiving, so once Halloween is over, it’s Christmas all over the place.

It does feel kind of strange though, it’s still November!!

I guess having a bit of a head start isn’t a bad idea, so I went ahead and updated my

clothesline gig and added a Christmas edition to it, and also posted a message about it here

on the forum. I hope I’m not getting too ahead of myself. 😛

I’m kind of wondering though, has anybody had the experiences of putting up a Christmas related gig,

it got pretty popular, then as Christmas came closer and closer, you ended up getting SUPER busy

with all the orders???

It’s not that I am expecting to do that well, but if you guys have stories like that, I’d like to

hear them ( and also how you guys handled it! )

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Here on east coast USA quite a bit of Christmas production for videos, voice over, jingles, commercials, songs etc is done in the summer months.

I urge my clients to get their Christmas marketing and promotion done and in place by October 1st.

But, just like last minute holiday shoppers, business people wait until the last minute to prepare their holiday promotions and sales. They end up missing a month of prime selling time.

Best wishes for a great holiday season!

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Thank you everyone for your comments!

Right now I am drinking my Starbucks Christmas blend ( in the red cup with snowflakes on it)

with my cranberry bliss-bar, relaxing.

I do hope I get “reasonably” busy for the holiday gigs.

I hope you all get lots of orders too!!

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