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Back on Fiverr Forum after a Month


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I joined Fiverr two months ago and now I feel the difference in working for others and working on your own.

I now feel self employed and I can now give more time to my passion of writing.

In last two months, I climbed the ladders of the fiverr rating of Sellers.

Thank you Fiverr for providing me a smooth platform to exhibit my writing skills.

I have been writing for my blog and different forums for last two years. I am now reaping the value of time invested in learning the soft skills for years.

Thanks to buyers and seller friends who kept me motivated to work on this forum which I think is best for creative people and buyers who are looking for quality services.

The feedback and control mechanism of Fiverr is awesome. Wrong doers are not spared and due credit is giver to good service providers. Thanks a lot to Fiverr team.



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Guest boulevardboy

Amazing story ! I wish I could reach your level . Be kind enough to check out my gigs . You can delegate some of your work to me .

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