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Level 02! OMG I'm damn happy! :)


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After 22 days of hardworking and a touch of clever marketing, finally I became a Level 02 Seller! I never thought that I would be able to come this far in Fiverr because I had initially given up using Fiverr because of the lack of orders.

If I am correct I joined in the 1st week of September and in September I got only two orders ; both of them from the same seller. After that I didn’t really believe that I would even get an order again.

In the last week of October, I thought of doing some changes to my profile and make it more attractive by offering what others do not normally offer. As a result, I increased the number of words per gig order to 1200 words and I even mentioned that I would deliver it within 12 hours. The 12 hour condition had to be removed with the time and with the number of orders I got. What I realized in my journey was that, if you are a seller who maintains a good response time (mine is 1 hour) and if you keep on providing a good service, there is a probability that you would get returning customers which is exactly what happened to me.

On 27th of October, luck came to say hi to me and I could impress that particular buyer enormously with the service I provided. He still is a regular customer of mine and it has been a great journey to be working with him. I should be wrong if I don’t mention @scorpiondark (http://fiverr.com/scorpiondark) who constantly gave me advises on how to use proper SEO inside Fiverr to increase the number of impressions + sales. Finally now I am a Level 02 Seller and I am happy with my progress so far. I am willing to work more at Fiverr and provide my fullest support to my customers as well as my fellow forum members in the best possible way I can. I should thank Fiverr for their unbelievably supportive Customer Service and also I must thank Fiverr for allowing me to find a way to collect money for my higher studies.

Thanks and Regards,



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