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Anyone heard of or considered filing a lawsuit against Fiverr. (Just a discussion LOL)

Guest merileep

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Guest merileep

As the title says, anyone heard of anyone planning a lawsuit against Fiverr. And do you think it could hold? I know someone who has talked about it.

Not me though. I’m a buyer. LOL

But seriously what do you think? Let me paint a scenario here using Fiverr Forum topics.

Gigs being taken down with no apparent reason.

I know what you’ll say. It’s Fiverr’s site and they can do what they want. But let’s present it this way.

First. I don’t know if any of these criteria will ever be met but here goes.

Social marketing gigs. They’re the ones I’m reading that are getting punished.

  • A gig has been active for 1 or 2 or 3 years. It generates a lot of sales.
  • The gig has no negative reviews. Not one. (Does a gig exist without any negatives and 1000+ sales? Probably not but let’s say it does).
  • The user doesn’t break any rules made by Fiverr.
  • The gig has it’s own category. EX: Online Marketing/Fan pages.

    So. Gig get’s taken down.

    Fiverr states violates terms.

    How can a gig violate terms if it’s got it’s own category?

    No other explanation is given.

    Is this lawsuit material or not.

    Again. I know what you’re thinking. Fiverr’s site. They can do what they want.

    But from a law standpoint.

    Fiverr pushes people to quit their jobs and do Fiverr full time. They don’t totally push it, but they do push it. Anyone remember that huge roadmap a while back? And all the “!4% of people do Fiverr for a living”.

    So. Yes. They do gently push for people to do that. And why not? They make more money as the sellers make more money.

    But with that gentle push one could argue the ‘Expectation of employment’. Especially for people that do quit their jobs. And do Fiverr full time. And then, what happens if the person doesn’t break any rules. And Fiverr pulls their gig. After they’ve been baited into doing fiverr full time?

    It’s an interesting scenario.

    Sure. It’s not a private site. But, with the promotions. Promise of employment. Long standing 2-3 years gig. No rule breaking. And a dedicated category on the site… Wouldn’t it stand to reason that without a good reason Fiverr could be held accountable for loss of employment from anyone who took the idea and quit their jobs to do Fiverr? Especially if they’ve been doing it over a year, or 2 or more? And even more-so if no rules were broken.

    What do you think? Will it ever happen? And if so what would happen?


    Is there anyone on this forum that has quit their job to do Fiverr full time. And what do you think would happen if Fiverr just decided to pull your gig one day? For no real reason?

    Let’s make the Fiverr forum interesting again!!! Comment please!
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Even if you wanted to sue them, they have no address, phone number nor email. How would you reach them? For all we know it could be some hacker or scammer using it as a platform to hold money for interim interests plus 20% and doing just enough with zendesk to keep the masses at bay. A certain name comes to mind; Madoff

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As a buyer, you can sue fiverr for complicity and money making while they support fraudulent commercial practices, such as sellers who do not deliver the orders according to their own texts.
The whole job quitting argument is as lame as saying that you went bankrupt thanks to having read any random job offer out there.

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You really have 2 options.

  1. You can get on track and with the help of people here on the forum, you can really create some awesome income while doing something you love.

  2. You can go somewhere else and find something that works for you.

Anything in between is just going to be miserable for you and everyone around you.

I have worked on the site for almost 3 years and it has been an incredible experience for me and my family. Fiverr wants you to succeed. After all they make money when you do.

Private message me if you would like further help. I can work one on one or try to get the help you need to succeed. Success isn’t handed out but if you work hard and have the right plan it can work either here or somewhere else.

Good Luck!

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Hi, I did not read the entire message you wrote but here is how websites work;
the owner can do with it as he wants as long as it’s legal. To try to sue a huge company?
Not a good idea especially since you have no grounds. As I said, they can do as they please with their site. We are all here by their invitation.

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We are NOT employees of Fiverr.

You are a freelancer, an independent contractor. Fiverr does NOT promise employment - if they did, they would be deducting money from our revenues for taxes (in how many countries? LOL) Fiverr can pull any Gig they deem fit to. They don’t even need a reason. And, any seller who tries to bring a case against them because they got tossed off the site for selling illegal LIKES or Twitter followers by breaking the TOS of other sites would be laughed at.

The biggest problem I see from those who take a dive into online selling on any platform is they still have the “worker bee” mentality and think that the website they are selling their stuff on is somehow their “daddy” or employer. Nope, you are on your own to sink or swim.


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