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"People are willing to pay for THAT!?" said my friend


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There are TONS of gigs here ( like more than 3 million now??), and some of the gigs are

silly and funny. I have not ordered them but I have checked the clips and they made me laugh.

So today my friend came over, and while we were chatting, I was working on my

newest clothesline gig. My friend new about my illustration and translation gig, but didn’t know about the

clothesline one.

My friend was borrowing my laptop ( which has survived the coffee spill, thank god!!) and was checking out

the Fiverr gigs, and he was quite surprised to find that some people are willing to pay money to see

people sing in thongs, dance in bikinis, rant and cry in front of the camera, etc.

Then he sees me pinning up the mini cards on my cork board clothesline, and says

"Wow, people are willing to pay money for THAT?“

Yup, was all I said. I kept working on my gig.

Then a few minutes later he says

"You know…that kinda looks like fun.“

Well, it is fun.

”…Can I try it too?”

…yeah yeah, sure, go ahead.

So after I finished my gig and took the photos, I handed the cork board, the

laundry pins, mini cards, and the markers over to my friend so he can create his own clothesline.

“Haha, this is kind of fun…oh no wait, the cards keep moving…

Hey, they won’t stay still!! How do you keep them still??? Auuuughhhh!!”

…and a few minutes later, he was finally done.

"OK, that was fun, but it was a bit harder than I thought…

OK, sorry, now I kind of know why some people are willing to pay for stuff like this…"

Dude, I’m glad you got that.

So it might be true that some people might be surprised to see people paying $5 (or more) to

see people doing strange stuff, but why not??

I’ve seen this dude acting like a preacher, and I thought his videos were amazing.

I saw another girl writing stuff on her breasts, and heck, me being an average chested Asian girl,

I WISH I had a cleavage to show off!

Another guy had a singing gig, and he had an AMAZING voice.

When I saw another seller’s ransom style message, I thought it was brilliant, in fact that was where

I got the idea for my clothesline gig!!

I know a lot of people might not understand why the heck some of us are willing to pay

for some of these gigs, but heck, they are popular, and most of all, FUN.

So what I am trying to say here is…hmm, what is it…

If you don’t understand WHY some people do the stuff they do here, you don’t have to.

We love doing it!! AND we make money from it!!

To the sellers out there who does the “fun & bizarre” gigs, you guys ROCK!!

Finally, I’d like to share the clothesline my friend worked on. MEN…

(BTW I added the T shirt, LOL)

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Reply to @madmoo:

Well guess what, it’s actually YOUR ransom gig that gave me the idea.

And within a day of posting up the clothesline gig, I got 3 orders.

Thank you so much Ang, you gave me a great idea! 😃

…and I’m glad my friend got it too! LOL

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Reply to @madmoo:

I always look around for new ideas/inspiration and such, but I won’t wanna copy or be copied! 😃 I do remember your stone message gig getting copied in the past, I hope you don’t have to go through warning those people again.

As for your new gig, I can see why it is so hard to choose…but since you

have been here for a long time and a also a TOS, even though you will loose those

great feedbacks, I’m sure you will get great new feedbacks once the Christmas

season is finished and you decide to re-post the gig. 😃

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