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Ordering multiples of gigs, and time limits


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I feel that for some jobs the structure is too limiting.

I recently ordered graphics from tinywood75. She did a bang up job. She understood my need even though it wasn’t in her native Vietnamese. She worked hard on the designs, and made a couple changes at my request immediately. A delightful experience dealing with her.

From the Fiverr side, though…not so much. It was a lot of work I needed from her. She’d put up a gig to make 1 pixel art thing, and I needed all the graphics for a game. The work came to 14 gigs. I had to put that into several orders of multiple gigs each. I had to track, do the todo’s, respond to, and rate each one of them separately. That’s just a bother.

The original gig was for 24 hours for a single gig. No way she could have done 14 gigs in 24 hours. She worked hard, but not even tinywood75 could do that. When she went over the 24 hours, Fiverr put up big red warning signs that I was entitled to then cancel the project, etc. She showed me her work-in-progress, and it was great. How antagonistic of fiverr! Each gig is $5 for heaven’s sake! That’s way too heavy.

So, my suggestions:

+) let the buyer/seller agree on a number of gigs for a project.

+) let the buyer/seller agree on a timeframe once they’ve discussed the job, potentially with milestones.

+) don’t actively encourage the project to go sour like in the current design.


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