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The Next Three Weeks


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For the next three weeks at the school, it’s going to be busy. Most people who have never worked in a school kitchen believe it’s an extremely easy job. From the outside looking in, you’d be correct. But, you’d also be wrong. Couple that with not enough people in the job and people who are just not as productive as one would like them to be.

It’s just going to be a hectic time. Of course, 5 of my orders are coming due in the next 3 days so I’m trying to get as much done as I humanly possibly can today. I’ve already been told to come into work tomorrow at 6:30, as the boss had injured herself last Friday and was unable to do alot of lifting. I don’t think there’s been one paycheck from the school yet where I had my regular pay on it. There’s always been an hour or more of overtime on the check. It’s fine, but even with all that overtime, I’m sure I"m making more with my Fiverr stuff.

I know what the work entail means for me. It means for the next two days, I’ll be getting up at 2:30 a.m. to get my stuff done. I know I can do it; I’ve done it before. It just also means I"ll be a crabby person by 5:30 - I’m quite grateful that we don’t have soccer practice just yet.

I’ve already counted down to when I can go on my mini vacation away from Arkansas. Two weeks from the school (Christmas break); it can’t come soon enough.

Just keep me in your thoughts fellow Fiverrians. When all is said and done, I’m going to get my work done without being late. And, to not lose my mind in the insanity of the next three weeks, go to the gym or walk the mall.

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