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Linking a bank account query


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Hey so i am trying to link my bank account for width drawing money.The payoneer account is required in order to do that.It requires an address but in my country(or at least where i live),we don’t have a proper address system.When i enter what i know of the address,it says that the address is invalid.
What can i do.
btw is there any other way to widthdraaw without pay pal,payoneer??

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Hey. Unfortunately not, unless for US citizens who can do direct bank withdrawal, everyone else needs to use PayPal or Payoneer (the “direct” withdrawal for non-US citizens works via Payoneer as well).

In your situation, I’d contact Payoneer’s customer support, tell them what kind of address you can provide and ask them what to do. Perhaps you could use the address of the closest to you post office (provided they do have a proper address that you can find out from them) or something like that.

Without an actually usable postal address that you can prove is yours (for example, with your water or internet bill with your name and address on it), you may sooner or later run into issues with a PayPal or Payoneer account anyway.
I don’t know about Payoneer but I know that PayPal sometimes does freeze accounts until the owner can prove they are who they are and live where they said they live, provide some fiscal registration number, etc., I assume it’s similar with Payoneer. And you will want to make sure that if needed, you can prove that your account is yours so you’ll actually be able to use your money.

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