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Gig Refunds vs Fiverr Credit


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Bwoy, @mintyone makes perfect sense.

(One piece of evidence to take him seriously on FIVERR topics is that shiny TRS (Top Rated Seller) badge. This guy has made MANY people here very happy. Something I hope for you too)

That it doesn’t address EVERY possible understanding doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. And, if anything, maybe that is something to factor into your initial purchase decision. (That is, if there are not X sellers offering what I want, I don’t buy it because I may not be okay with needing to cancel the order).

For me, I find the “It’s My Money” mantra tired and egocentric. It’s the “cry of conservatives” everywhere… …the biggest problem with it in this case is …YOU DID SPEND IT. So by argument, you spent it “when, where, and how” you wanted.

Then after spending it, decided not to.

That there are some (but not all) limitations on how you RESPEND it, seems perfectly reasonable.

Think of others, the incentives to someone to cancel (Something I believe at least half of those decisions are MADE before the person purchases) are much higher if there’s NO limitations.

AND, the costs to fiverr as a result of xaction fees in and out would make this marketplace have even higher (and likely non-refundable xaction fees).

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Reply to @mrproofreading: Yes, and in both cases, (and there is some room to have some outrage about this since who on this planet has the 2 months a year it would take us to read all the Terms of Service to which we are subjected - see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2084953/ ) there is a disclosure process. So “buyer beware” was in place BEFORE the order.

All that said, as a seller, I wouldn’t want it any other way. There’s already enough “incentive” to refund or charge-back. Let’s not make it even easier to be a refunder…


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