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Sales and Special Offers


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Hi Fiverr,

I think it would be really cool for sellers to be able to add special offers to their gigs. For example, I’m currently doing pet portraits. It would be nice to be able to do a special price for anybody wanting 5 pets in one image, or something to that effect. I know you can do this for each individual person via custom offers, but it would be nice to be able to do a general sale or offer that buyers can just click on and order as they please.

It would also be really handy for seasonal offers that only last for a certain amount of time, like a special christmas or halloween offer to bump up sales a little!

What do you guys think? c:

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I can see a value in that.

Sure, you can create a new gig with special offers but it will take time before it gets the ranking and in the basic search it shows 0 reviews. Most buyers won’t go past the thumbnail.

You can also customize your existing gig, but every time you make a change it goes through a review and you might lose ranking.

So simple On-Sale option would be welcomed if it has no impact to the gig ranking and there’s no downtime.

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