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How can i change the review?


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Months ago, a customer gave me a negative review, and he never answered my messages after that, but he answered finally my message, he is agree to change the review, but there is not option… is there any way the admins change this review?? is the only negative review i have and was not for me, the sistem closed the gig and the customer thought that i finished the gig while he was not satisfied yet…

This is i wrote to him and he answered:


Hi man, i want to ask you a question, is there any chance you can change the review as a positive review?? i can do in exchange anything, maybe a photoshop work, facebook cover, retouch, logo, or anything you need… this is the only bad review i have and i would like to change it

Hope you can do


10:36 OCTOBER 27, 2013


Hey man. Sure. I will change the review. Can you tell me the steps to have it changed?

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