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Fiverr STOCK?


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I see. that’s too much work tho- oh you html geeks! lol, I only ever scratched the surface when I wanted to become a “hacker” when I was a youngster… funny I’m waiting for this lady to e MALE (?!) me back because I’m supposed to fix some html for their visibility store (I volunteer for center for the visually impaired) ya know you never realize how much you don’t “think” before you speak until you hang out with blind folk… "see ya there, Oops, cya later, DaNg!, check this out, Doh! I’ll see ya’round- OMG!) LOL… #insomniamakesmeextrasilly 8-}

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Guest matt_garry

If you guys have any stock related questions I would be happy to help please check out my gig

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