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Congratulations Raps4u and Whiskyhill8, you're Fiverr Rising Stars!


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Give a big Fiverr welcome and congratulations to whiskyhill88 and raps4u, our first Rising Stars!

Chrissy aka Whiskyhill88, a native Chinese speaker from the USA, offers Chinese translations to buyers across the world. She first came to our attention simply by how she puts herself out there, giving the community a real sense of the woman behind the Gig.

Raps4u, caught our attention with his creativity and skills in the music and audio department. He amazed us with his sheer talent, both in the craft of his lyrics and videos, but also the diversity of his voice delivery.

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Great news and Fk the rest of us! My gig with 100+ positive sales doesn’t even feature in the search for it’s keyword and gigs with 0 sales appear first. Fiverr treats sellers like st enjoy it whist it lasts. Also how is fiverr going to cope with it’s impending lawsuit with google over illegal sales??? Fiverr selling fraud - it’s coming to a gig near you soon!

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