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Ideal Video Dimensions


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Hi Thanks for your reply … no by size I meant pixels x and y IE 720×480 or 640×480 etc

Mp4 and mov are just ways of encoding (storing your video) … not related to size … oh for clearing that up I’ll charge $5 (guess that gag has been done 10,000 times already lol).

Anyway thanks again … I think I am really going to have fun here

Regards Mark

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I deliver my Standard Def in 720x480 and High Def at 1920x1080. I animate at 30fps. I compress with h264 which really helps keep down the file size.

I don’t think there is a running time limit except for your Gig Video which is around 1 minute.

If you have files to deliver to Buyers that are bigger than 50mb some people zip them. I prefer to use a Dropbox link that you can deliver through Fiverr and doesn’t violate the TOS.

Be aware that if you use either of these methods to deliver that they will not show up in your live portfolio.


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