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Buyer and Seller Rights on fiverr

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Buyers have more right then a Seller and it’s because they called themselves buyer, fiverr need to make some changes in their polices that customer support want to make some action regarding order cancellation at least they have to review both buyer and seller but what actually happened here when a buyer request to customer support that he didn’t get what he want without knowing the seller review customer support make decision and cancel the completed delivered order, this is not fair with seller i’m a recent victim of this non sense yesterday,

A seller came to me asking for some work, my habit is to ask each and everything to buyer before giving them an custom offer, he said that he need PNG file black and white and asking me can you do it in 30min i saw the file and said yes i can do this in 30min but this is what happened to me in the end i’ve submitted the project on time Buyer mark the order as completed and then he’s started complaining this is not what i want , i want an AI file, this is the point where i thought what!!! any why he said i’m to going to complain in customer support basically i thought fiverr customer support very efficient in taking action against any seller or buyer, but what i got after 2 hour they canceled my order which delivered as marked and make my order completion at 86% haha seriously what is this and now i’ve sent a mail to customer support let’s see what happens,

I’m very disappointed from Fiverr, i mean what is the benefit spending time here day and night for three months and get what, low profile customer support no administration for seller are the buyers everything for Fiverr, where the sellers stand ???

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