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Tips for non – native speakers of English on Fiverr


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I do not know whether I am supposed to do this. I am not an admin here. I am a non – native speaker and seller here on Fiverr. I like Fiverr and over the last few weeks I have had some wonderful selling experiences here and a lot of help from the forum here. Being a non – native speaker I want to help other non – native speakers of English to find their way just as I did on Fiverr.

A few days ago it hit me that some non – native speakers were not getting the hang of things or might need some extra help here on Fiverr. It also came clear to me that some of the questions by non – native speakers here on the forum were related to English rather than Fiverr.

That does not mean that these non – native speakers do not know English. It means that occasionally they might not be acquainted with certain subtleties when it comes to the English language.

Some of the questions asked by non – native speakers may come across as odd to native speakers.

Therefore I want to start this little corner for non – native speakers who feel uncomfortable or insecure when first starting out on Fiverr.

To get this corner started I will explain some things I came across over the last few days.

• I do not know what a Gig means?

A gig is what you want to offer here on Fiverr. You need to advertise your gig. Therefore you have to make a Gig description. A gig description always has to be in English on Fiverr. Do you feel insecure about your English? You can write a draft first and have it spell – checked. Buyers might be put off by Gigs descriptions that contain grammar and spelling errors.

Are you still puzzled by the word Gig? When I was a little girl I thought it could only be showbiz related. I guess that is where the word is used mostly. In fact some gigs can be showbiz related, but they do not have to be! As long as you have skills, they can be turned into gigs: things you offer to do for money.

• Buyer requests?

Buyer requests are listed by buyers who are looking for sellers who can do a certain job. Sellers cannot/ are not supposed to list their services in the Buyer Requests section. Sellers can go to the Buyer Requests section to see if their services might be needed/ required by a buyer. It is confusing for sellers to notice that other sellers are advertising there! Do not do this. It will not get you any business other than annoyed sellers asking themselves what part of buying and selling you do not understand.

These are two things that I have come across so far. If you have other things you do not understand, feel free to list them underneath. I will update this section accordingly.

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Thank you for the positive response.

I tried to explain everything as simply as possible and now I come to conclusion that it is hard to write simple English (to be understood by everyone) once you are passed basic and intermediate English yourself. I just wanted to create a safe haven for people who do not feel confident in English but need it here as a lingua franca/ intermediate language.

@rinchan86 It would be nice if everybody would be able to post in their native language. However if I had written this post in my native language it would have been (double) Dutch to most.

I guess it is important to use some form of simple English as intermediate language without everybody feeling simple.

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