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How to become fiverr top rated seller Level?


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Since fiverr is going public at the beginning of next year they don’t have money problems that losing a few sellers will hurt. On the contrary. This will be valued as a billion dollar company.

I think that’s an optimistic outlook, not all IPO’s are great successes, investors can play all kinds of games, such as short selling the stock. Besides, once Fiverr goes public, they will have to disclose their financial statements and then we’ll see how much they spend on salaries, what are their business expenses, etc.

Remember Elon Musk? He was charged with securities fraud over misleading tweets. Being a public company can help you raise a lot of money, but it can also destroy you. You don’t have the same freedoms as a private company, you have to release quarterly statements, meet with investors, etc.

With that said, if I have a chance to buy Fiverr’s IPO, I will buy it. I have faith in Fiverr in spite of everything. I’ve been experimenting with higher prices, Fridays are usually dead to me, but today I got a $50 order.

not all IPO’s are great successes

I’m sure this one will be. I wish I could get in on the start. 🤑

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