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Fiverr Revenue card error?



Im a new seller,I received mail after requesting for fiverr Revenue card. but when i click the link to continue with the process it says" THE ACTION FAILS TO AUTHENTICATES ,PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER IF THE ERROR PERSIST CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT"
so the error is continuously persist and when i click customer support i cant find any helpful stuff.
please anyone help what to do???
looking forward for some helpful advise.

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I saw that message a bit earlier but it ended up working again the next time I clicked it. If it’s not back up and running for you, your best bet is probably to attempt to contact Customer Support and see if they can figure out the issue for you: https://fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=help_center

Thanx so much for the reply but i clicked many many times of redirect link but dsmr message appearing 😦

going to use the link u just share …

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