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Order sale rate decreased


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Hey guys! First post on Fiverr, hope this is in the right section:

I’ve been selling for a few months, doing great and feeling good, I’m $700 away from level 2 badge, the thing that worries me is a few weeks ago I was getting 3-4 orders a day (Being level 1), now I’m still level 1, have more reviews, more money earned and I’m hardly getting orders, one every few days, which is concerning… I was in the first spot of the best selling category, now I’m still on page one of best selling but my gig and profile visits have decreased dramatically, and I’ve done nothing different to what I was doing.

Could anyone help me figure out what happened or if this is normal on the platform?

Thanks a lot in advance and keep selling!


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Maybe more competition in your field - or have you been more offline lately. I noticed that being always online gives more traction that on and off. Think of your behaviour, was it differently than before?

Yeah, could be that there is competition, but it’s not bound to change drastically in 2 weeks, and I have a stronger profile today than I had 2 weeks ago, or even 1 month ago.

I may have logged a bit less often, but still every day from my computer as well as my phone, so I’m not sure it’s that.

And behaviour… I don’t think so, to be honest, I’ve discarded lots of sellers when purchasing on Fiverr because they’re not warm or polite so I try my best to exceed expectations in that regard as well, I don’t think I’ve changed this, not for the worse at least…

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This may be of interest to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

I’ve just given this a read and it’s awesome! A lot of cool ideas and also nice stats from what other people think, I rather not focus on the cons of things so I’ve already implemented a few tips on that post, we’ll see how it goes!

Still open to more insight or opinions in case somebody has other ideas 😃

Thanks to everyone who replied so far!

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