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A helpful tip for getting your gig noticed


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Search engine optimization.

Stemming from my year of YouTube experience, SEO can be what gets your gig out there in the long term. This all starts with the title

Put in the title what you would type in the search engine and what you think people would want so, for me, that’s professional English voice over. If I wanted a professional grade voice over in English that’s what I’d put and want to see.

Second is the description. Go into full in-depth detail with what you’re providing. Not just a bunch of the same stuff but like what exactly are you bringing to the table and what is guaranteed. The more in depth you get the better.

Third and definitely not least is the tags. On YouTube this can be make or break if you’re starting out. If i your tags are something that’s well searched but with little competition, you’ll be more likely to be seen than if not. So find what you think is well searched, put in those niche tags if appropriate and watch the clicks come

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