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Will you be offering Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals?


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I know, a lot of people have mixed feelings about Black Friday, but since most of us here are sellers, would you take advantage of this?

I haven’t done it on Fiverr before, but it works great outside of Fiverr. Last year I got 3 months booked and several retainers extended for 12 months with special deals.

However, since the prices are below the market here anyway, I’m wondering if anyone has tried it on Fiverr and was there a genuine spike in clicks?

PS. If you’re offering WordPress or just web design then get ready 🙂
There are some awesome offers coming for themes & plugins.

And I freakin hate that you can’t book orders for future.
I have a client right now who has agreed to get my gig, but I can’t work on it for at least 30 days so I can’t really officially close it. Otherwise it will expire before I get to it and if the buyer forgets to accept extension then I’m in trouble.

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