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How to get a full refund?


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How to contact support? I’m not finding it.

I ordered a service and the seller have not completed it. No response. So I canceled.

I got $5 returned to my account. But I have paid $7 since there was a service fee.

I want the full refund, this is not fair. With only $5 I cannot ask for a new service, I must spend $2 more.

I cannot find any place to start a request, email or form. I don’t want asking directly through PayPal. But the website is not clear on how to contact in this case.

I know that it is only $2 but this is not fair. The order was canceled because the seller didn’t make the service. Not my fault.

Order number #FO3C56A46105

Sorry if this was not the right place to put this.

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Check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Refunds and fees are explained in detail.

Nice, thanks!

By reading everything there I was clarified. Once purchasing using refunds the service fee is not charged again, so no problem at all.

Sorry any mistake, this info was not too clear for me before.

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