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Correct Spelling in Gig Titles


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It would be so nice to have correct spelling for our gig titles on the profile page/gig previews.

Especially for the Writing & Translation category, it’s painful to see how the caps you typed, as if by an invisible hand, change …


While I suppose this setting may have been chosen/programmed into the code with the idea of not wanting people to use ALL CAPS or CooL EDgY titles, it does really hurt when you offer writing, translation, proofreading.

Alternatively, if that’s not possible technically, while it would be a bit of caps overkill but still better, is it possible to switch some setting and let all words start with an upper-case letter then, header style, like it is when you click the gig and get to the actual gig’s page at least?


Consider this - who knows how many potential buyers of such gigs come to the site, see that the sellers in the Writing & Translation category don’t even know how to spell “English”, and leave?
After all, the “I” is there, so they must be able to use upper-case letters … I don’t think everyone will realize that the “I” as part of the “I will” is a fixed entity and follows different rules than the rest of the title text.
If I came as a buyer and saw all the gigs look like , I might think maybe there was some truth to some of the not-so-favourable site reviews I read after all.

And if you ever get to it, just a handful of punctuation characters would be really great too and surely appreciated by sellers of the other categories as well. Say … 5 of them (, . ? ! -) or at least a comma if you’re afraid of buy this gig!!! !! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! titles?

Well, maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s really too much to ask for, or it’s technically not possible (if that’s the only reason though and not the fear of abuse of upper case characters and punctuation 😉 , please put it on the DO list for a future update) but I had to get this off my chest, thank you.

And, since I don’t want to just moan - I’m ever so grateful that it doesn’t say “i will translate fiction from english to german”! 😅

Although … then perhaps chances that potential buyers may stop and investigate and realize that there’s so much of a pattern that it simply can’t be seller incompetency may be bigger? 😉

Of course, iTranslate, iWrite, iProofread could be great usernames for someone who hasn’t yet registered an account, unless those are in use or protected trade marks already or get you into trouble with that big small “i”, and then, perhaps a lower-case “i” and casual use of lower and upper case might become one’s special signature feature even and gloss over english, german, french, russian, spanish, italian, chinese, and all those pesky words of that provenance. 😉

I’m really a bit embarrassed to use the “Promote Yourself” feature for Twitter and so on, as it is “english” and “german” there as well, and potential customers don’t even have the luxury of, maybe, seeing that everyone spells it like that and thus, maybe, the seller knows better but can’t do it better because of technical restrictions.

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