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Need some help to get started


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Hey! I’m a new seller, have created a few gigs in the past but had no success (didn’t even get views on any of them). Currently trying to focus on a single gig I created 2 days ago. If anyone who is kind enough to check it out and help me improve it and get my starting orders please message me or just reply to this topic! thanks in advance.

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Make your video more value able add FAQ.

Use all 1:15 seconds of gig video. In gig video Try to showcase different examples of motion graphics. Single logo animation is not enough!!

Your description is fine but not extra ordinary. Update your description. Briefly describe what you are offering. Think like a buyer. Use Reverse engineering technique in your category and check how other sellers are offering their gigs. From them you can get an Idea how you can change your gig video and description. But keep in mind don’t copy other sellers content.

Thank you,
Hasnain 💫

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