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Payoneer account verification / approving info


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This post is for those who are still facing all kinds of problems related to opening and approving a Payoneer account. First of all, If you want full verification or approve then you must have a passport or national id.

Here 7 pictures (email sent from Payoneer), which are detailed below. Even if you have more questions hidden in your mind, then open it in the comment section. Please read the details before.

Picture 1: When you add a bank account to your Payoneer account, a confirmation email will be received from Payoneer like the picture 1. It will be noted that the bank account you have added has been fully linked to your Payoneer account.

Picture 2: When you add a bank account to your Payoneer account, a general mail like picture 2 will be sent to your account that you have added a bank account that is waiting for verification process by Payoneer. This verification may take 1-3 business days or more to complete. [it took me 1 working day]

Picture 3: This mail is essential to all of you. Through this email, you will be informed that your Payoneer account has verified by Payoneer. This means that now you’re free from any difficulties to receive or send money. You need to wait for 3 working days for this email, but it may take longer.

As a proof, I opened a Payoneer Account with all the documents of my mother ob 19 October. They said that in three days you will be informed that your account will be approved. But after three days have passed, when the confirmation does not come, I contact Payoneer support which you can see in picture 5

I already said that I opened an account using my mother detail on 19 October. But they approve it on the 31st of October. That means they take 12 days to verify.

Picture 4: If you add your Peyoner’s account with Fiverr account, you will be confirmed by this email that your Payoneer account is connected to your Fiverr account and you can withdraw money from Fiverr to Payoneer.

Picture 5: When I contact Payoneer support, they send me this email, where it says that they take maximum 3 working days for approve Payoneer account, but the fact is 3 working days is not true.

In my opinion, those who open an account by using passport their account will approve within 3 business days. But those who open an account with smart card/national id take them a little longer to be approved.

Picture 6: This mail is just a simple mail. When you open Payoneer account, this mail will be sent to you that you need to confirm your email account.

Picture 7: After giving all the details of your Payoneer account for confirming, you will be given a mail in this format that you are in the waiting list of Payoneer account review or Verification.

(If any information is wrong in your opinion, then please drop it in the comment section)

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