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A lot of pageviews but no orders?


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I have been here for a few days now. what I can see is that both my gigs have about 20-50 pageviews in total but no sales yet. does this mean that there is something wrong in what I offer or something is just not impressive enough?

My gigs are based on candle light messages and one of it is for Christmas


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It took me two weeks to get my first sale!

Also, 20-50 page views is not much.

Maybe since you are new to fiverr you shoudn’t try to sell Gig Extras in your description and just wait until you are level 1 to add the gig extras.

Offer your gig extras for free until you start getting some orders. It might be a lot of work for $5 but it is more important right now that you get a few orders and reviews on your gigs.

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