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Can't find what I need- Help me find a provider


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I am looking for someone who can design an app that will assign sales leads to a salesforce. It has to take into consideration who is on the floor, who is next in the rotation, and what client load each salesperson already has.

I have tried the search function, but don’t know the proper keywords to find a provider.
I wold appreciate anyone directing me to the right people to request quotes.
Thank you!

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I may not be able to directly connect you with prospective sellers. However, I can direct you to Fiverr’s built-in tool called: “Post a Request,” where you can post several details of your project, such as the project info., your budget, the turnaround time for delivery of the project, etc. Once you post a request, your request gets displayed to all the relevant sellers. Sellers can then bid for a chance to work on your project. If you are impressed with the profile/review/skills of one of the sellers who had bid on your request, you can then take it forward from there.

With the ongoing changes to the layout of Fiverr’s website, I don’t know if you still have the old layout or the new one. But in case you have the old layout, you will be able to see the “Post a Request” option on the left hand side (on Fiverr’s homepage)… right below where it says "Hi ". You can also find this “Post a Request” feature in the drop-down box that pops up when you click on the “Buying” tab on the top right-hand side. Even if you have the new layout, just try and look for the “Post a Request” feature. You will find it in the same place where the other buyer tools are located.

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