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Cancellation of order without any reason


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I just exchanged some 10 messages with “Support” (you know how it goes:“oh, we are so sorry that you experience issues, but there is of course, nothing we will do to make your seller life - who btw makes our living - any easier, but thank you”!)
In short, I had an issue with a buyer who didn’t read my gig description - so he purchased a basic order, requested all the extras, and when I told him that’s not included and he would have to pay more, he got upset and requested cancellation. It lowered my completion rate (??!). I contacted support asking about it, they told me that ANY cancellation, for ANY reason WILL RESULT in lowering completion rate.

So, I asked this: If I have specified that I offer 2 revisions and a buyer asks for 5, so I stop giving him more revisions, which results in a buyer asking for a cancellation, what happens then? (answer: It WILL RESULT in lowering your completion rate. )

Then I asked this: Let’s say I sell apples and someone purchases my gig, asking for oranges, so I cancel the gig (while checking “buyer asks for services not offered” field in the request form), am I protected then? (answer: It WILL RESULT in lowering your completion rate. ) Take a minute to process.

So, I asked why we even bother writing gig descriptions and create rules and extras? Fiverr don’t have ANY mechanism (or wish) to enforce them on unreasonable buyers who want everything for nothing. We get punished for people not reading description, asking for too much, or even asking for impossible. They can ask a CEO expert to master his mp3 song, and if you don’t do it, you’ll get punished!

Why then having to select reasons for cancelation, when there’s no difference?

Now if some jealous competitor (or anyone else) wants to sabotage my Fiverr account, he can just order services, save all of his money by cancelling, but screw me - which will soon enough lower my completion rate (and my Seller’s Level as well). - I asked “support” about this one too. It’s like arguing with a tree.

Any request for support is a closed loop where nothing gets resolved, they have no power to do anything other to copy/paste heartbreaking replies about how sorry they are. I asked support for someone with ANY decision making powers to talk to - but they hide their management like Jimmy Hoffa.

All this time, sellers (who work hard to make their living and that same support’s living too) are left unprotected, and even are forced NOT to cancel gigs in order to preserve their rate (and to make Fiverr their 20%). Wow! Just WOW!

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I feel your pain. As a victim of uncalled-for cancellations, I feel very strongly about this issue. Customer Support should address both sides of the coin - buyers and sellers alike. Not treat sellers like trash, and not hold some unreasonable interests of buyers like some fragile egg.

I understand Fiverr competes with other freelancing sites, however, treating your sellers in a not-so-good way doesn’t take anyone up further the ladder.

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