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Buyer get design and after leave negative feedbak


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Buyer get design and after that leave negative feedback.

i deliver design after told "Yes awesome! I love it!

It’s actually a brand design, I like it anyway!

I approve, please send the PSD files."

After Deliver PSD file he leave negative feedback.

I don’t know what i do now…!

Please help me to reslove this problem…!

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Did he do a thumbs down or wrote a bad feedback?

If thumbs down, it may be a mistake and maybe contact the buyer and let him know.

If feedback, I would message the buyer asking him why after he wrote such nice comments in the order and then a negative review. Mistake with another seller?

And if you don’t hear from him for a few days, contact support and ask to remove the comment showing them proof of your work/conversation with buyer.

Hope that helps,

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