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Sent 49 Offers to buyer Request but got only 1 order :(


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Don’t get discouraged! It happens. You’re very lucky that you gotyour first order in less than a month. The general experience is that it takes a couple of months before you get your first orders.

Like others say, it is return customers who make the bulk of your orders in the long run.

Keep sending offers, improve your gigs, see what your competition does and do the same but better, share your gigs on social media, etc.

Hit me up if you’d like some advices on how to improve your gigs!

Take care.

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I joined 29 Sep and sent 44 buyer request but still didn’t get any Opportunity. you’re wondering that Why I haven’t receive any order and hopeless nope. You should to be patience With high Motivate that isn’t your time to get any order When your time is come then you would receive alot of orders from buyer. When you forbear this moment you will be success for next time.

I fail over and over and over That’s why I Successed

Cheer you!

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