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Social Clicks need to be fixed asap


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I promoted a new gig on social media.

I have received 70 social clicks but no sales so I was curious on why that is.

I tried to be a “client” and click the social link to see how the purchasing journey would be.

It took me to the gig and when I went to purchase it said I need to sign in first (obviously). After signing in it refreshes and the page it’s on are gigs that aren’t mine!!

You can’t find me by searching for the gig or username. The only way you can buy my gig is, after logging in, go back to the social media share and reclick the link. Then it will load up the gig with the client already logged in and they can make a purchase.

This is extremely difficult and the only sale I actually made was by assisting the client by using his phone and experimenting.

Can you please fix this and why am I not discoverable? I have has multiple positive reviews and yet I’m getting no impressions on the site because it isn’t discoverable. I’m providing enough value with all the social links.

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