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Proper Planning Equates to Exceptional Results


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So you just purchased a Fiverr gig and you are excited! Hey, why wouldn’t you be? There are some pretty amazing, exciting and unique gigs to be had. But before you fire off your “instructions” to your Seller, stop and take some time to adequately plan your response and instructions.

When you purchase a Fiverr gig, if you are required to provide instructions, text, content, images or requirements, your Seller will let you know by way of the Seller Instructions that follow your purchase. For example, if you order a Postcard Design Layout for your company, a Seller may require you to provide direction such as a Title, base text, any specific images you may need, what color preferences you may have and so on. STOP! Think about what you really want and take the time to plan your gig.

Many times, the Buyer gets so caught up in the excitement of receiving their results that they rush through planning or gathering the requirements. Sellers often need the Buyers input, direction and desires. Be sure to stop and take the time to really plan out what your end result should be and take the time to write up instructions that clearly communicate that expectation. You will be glad you did!

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