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New to Fiverr? Read this BEFORE you ask "How to get Buyers?" [ARCHIVED]


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Thanks @natalieab

— Improve your Gig traffic with 5 SEO tips

"When talking about SEO it’s all about choosing the right keywords. Think about the keywords people use to search for your service.

Use your keyword, where relevant, in the title of your Gig. Your keyword should appear 2-3 times in your Gig description. At the beginning, at the end and in the body of your text. Make sure relevant keywords are in your Gig tags. Video and image files you upload should be descriptive and contain your keyword.

Things to Avoid:

Flooding your text with keywords can have a negative impact.

Using keywords that are not relevant to your Gig.

To get keyword ideas, do a search for a service like yours, on any search engine. You can also check out similar Gigs on Fiverr with the following Google query: inurl:yourkeywordhere site:fiverr.com

See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/98/improve-your-gig-traffic-with-5-seo-tips"

Thanks @natalieab


Be patient. It can take months to get going on Fiverr.

Start with only 1, 2 or 3 gigs until YOU LEARN…

– How the Fiverr system actually works.

– What Buyers look for when choosing a Seller.

– How to over-deliver your service.

– How to negotiate effectively.

– How to handle and respond to negative feedback.


– Use proper English and grammar.

– Do not use Stock photo images or images you have no right to use.

– Do not misrepresent your gig.

– Do not mislead Buyers.

– Explain exactly what you are offering.

– Explain exactly what the Buyer will get.

Good luck to you!!

Sheriff’s Note: This older but very helpful post is now closed and cleaned up a little. However, these older threads are still not difficult to find!

Click on the word Discussions at the top of the forum. All topics flagged as Announcements will show at the top, and many of those are older posts that still have very valuable comments in them. It’s a great way to read through very helpful information quickly.

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Reply to @madmoo:

do you think anyone will read this?

I really seriously hope they do!!!

Funny thing is though, I have left comments here and there telling the

sellers to ask someone to fix/check their English grammar, but when I go

check their gig descriptions later on, many of them haven’t touched/changed it.

Weird…I thought you guys wanted help…

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you said each keyword should appear 2 or 3 times in the text yet when i tried to post a gig i had the word Facebook in the title once and in the description just once and tagged once and it told me i used the word Facebook to much. to be able to tag it with the word Facebook i had to figure out how to post a description about a Facebook gig with out using the word Facebook at all so how am i going to have each key word up to 3 times in the description?

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This post is only a few days old, but still I am surprised to see all of those

help me I need buyers what do I do please check out my gig I need I want I need I want posts.

If they are so willing to get help and ideas, I wonder why they are not spending some time

reading all the helpful threads here.


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@madgeeks I am not in the least bit surprised. If your articles read anything remotely like your profile and gig descriptions, which are full of errors, you are not going to get any orders and putting this in your gig description. “The problem is with words that sucks in your website content”. Do you realize what you are doing here? you are telling buyers that their content sucks…

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Hi and welcome. Just a few observations…

Profile bio should tell your qualifications, education and experience. Why you are qualified to do what you do.

Your Gig title. Do you only do this for “business”? I guess not, but using that can pigeon hole your gig as for businesses only.

Re-imagine your description. Use a headline with sub headlines and bullet points. Use the formatting tools provided. Tell buyers exactly what you offer, exactly what they get and how it will help them. Don’t use “I” or “I will”. Make the description about the buyer and how the product relates to them.

Promote your gig on FB!

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Guest joemike

I just joined Fiverr with keen interest. I did not know anything on how to post a Gig. Can someone help me and show me how to go about it? I will appreciate it. Thanks!

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@voiceoverwork - thank you for showing that to me. I didn’t know about it.

I think people just don’t know how to work the site… It took me, for example, over 10 tries to get a pic uploaded. I tried resizing it, then it said it was too small. I tried another photo and it was upright and not horizontal. Hence the pic is what it is now since I couldn’t upload a pic of me doing the work ! 😦

I know it says one pic per gig, but can I have the same photo (which I like) in two gigs or do all gigs must have completely different photos?


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mystictraveller said: I know it says one pic per gig, but can I have the same photo (which I like) in two gigs or do all gigs must have completely different photos?

Yes, each Gig is supposed to have its own unique Gig Photo that you own the rights too. And from a Selling perspective it makes sense. Even Gigs that are similar will greatly benefit from each having its own personality which starts with the Gig Photo.

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Thank you for posting this. I am new on Fiverr and have tried to use your tips. However, every time I tried to post a gig with a keyword used more than once or twice, I got asked to make modifications because I was using a word too much. Are Fiverr rules on using keywords different for new sellers and established ones ?

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