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I’d like to remove BOTH of my positive reviews I left for an illustrator.

Can I do this?

I don’t want to leave negative feedback (I’m not like that). I simply want to remove my glowing review as I don’t think it’s fair to give people the wrong impression.

The work they did was good. I got my first job completed on time and was happy so I left a glowing review.

Since then the communication has been an utter nightmare and they have missed deadlines. It took ages to get the second drawing finished and I gave up chasing for the third one, even though it was done, she failed three times to send me the correct file! I’ve had to cancel the whole gig and find a new illustrator.

I’ve wasted money!

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How many orders have you placed with them? If they did a good job on one order then you should rate them based solely on that order. Any other review after should reflect your experience.

Once you leave a review it can not be removed. If you placed 3 orders with them you should be able to review them all separately.

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