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Tips on Creating NEW Gig: Tweaking Before it Can Go Live


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When creating new gigs, there might be a chance that you run into a problem that your gig is unable to go live right away. Here are some tips that buyers should know when creating a new gig:

  • Tag List cannot contain tags with more than 20 characters
  • Your gig title or Description should not contain excessive use of the terms: In the past there are some users make use of repetitive keywords to rank their gig on top page of Fiverr. But now Fiverr has strengthened the rule.
  • You must upload at least 1 image (jpeg file)
  • Your gig extra should not have special characters.
  • Your gig description should not exceed 1200 characters.

    Feel free to add more tips. Thanks 🙂

    Tu Michael
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