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Buyer asked for refund


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I am a new seller.
What should I do? A have created a popup on one of my buyer’s live website. After completing the job, I requested him to check and let me know if there is any issue on which I would work until his satisfaction. After that, he thanked me for completing the job saying “Thank you for completing the order”.

As soon as I deliver the work (actually nothing to deliver as I have done the work on his live site. I’ve sent a delivery note, a screenshot of the job.), he changed the logins and asked for a refund saying that I am not qualified for the job.

But he is still enjoying my delivered job with a little changed (He changed the border color and a button color). Although I have said in the delivery note that if he still needs any modification, I’ll do that as soon as possible.

Now, what should I do? I have done all the jobs with the 5-star rating and nice reviews.

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Yes, contacting CS as suggested is the best option.
I once had similar issue with a client whose reason for cancellation wasn’t true. I rejected her offer to cancel the order and sent the screen shots of our conversation to CS along side a message.
CS asked me to message the client explaining how I had delivered the order in accordance with my gig specification, and then wait for her reply.
She never replied till the order was automatically marked as completed, and she didn’t leave any review.
About 48 hours later CS sent a message to know how I was going with this client, and I told them the same thing: Order automatically marked as completed…

And that’s how it went. Never heard from client again.

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