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What are we called?


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Hello Everyone,
There’s one question going round and round in my head for a long time that the freelancers like me who offer services of excel, word and fillable pdf forms if we want to introduce our selves to someone what we should be called as ?
Like a person who develops a software he is called software developer, a person who makes design is called graphic designer on the same lines I want to know what we are called for the services we provide.
I hope you guys understand what I am looking for. I want a name for the work we do.
Whether we should be called a software consultant or Software professional or Professional services provider etc etc. any idea what to name ourselves as?

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  • Data entry operator.
  • Data analyst .
  • Data entry clerk .
  • Data entry manager
  • Data collector
  • Data miner


Thanks for the reply but the names you have given is for the person who does data entry jobs.

I want names for people like me who work to create complex excel sheets, graphs, tables, word document formatting for books, creating labels, other word document related job, creating fillable pdf forms etc. etc…

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