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Never Give Up ! in fiverr


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Dear Fiverr Family,

I saw most of newcomers leaves fiverr because of low or no sales ! guys hang on ! try new things try harder be unique, stay online. no one made it easier no one made it for free pay your knowledge… then you’ll be surprised
come here and post things on the forum if you need anything


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When I first started, I was on a driugth for months, but aftera lot of request sent, I finnaly started getting a few sales,

I know that sending countless proposals feels disheartening, believe me, I know that very well, I suffer from anxiety and maybe mild depression, sometimes I feel like I just want to sleep all the time just so I dont have to think…

But, anyways, persistence is key,

As someone once said, even if you are going trough hell, you gotta keep going.


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