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Beware of Long-term Proposals


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Alright, I’ve had enough of this crap. I get at least one daily message from people wishing to build a long-term relationship based on my writings for their photography blogs, and every single time they ask me to send them examples of my “best articles”. Ha, yeah right.

When I was just starting out 4 years ago, I fell for this sort of traps constantly, but they arrived like once a month if not slower. I remember I stopped sending them stuff (which where *.docx and fully editable files ready to use) after somebody simply purchased my gig without asking anything. Don’t get me wrong, perhaps 1 or 2 of these messages have actually been legit in my case, so I still reply to these messages but with links to my work, which spans from my columns at Medium and Light Stalking to even Lens Culture and Newspapers when they ask for imagery.

I’m a photography educator, and one of the constant inquiries I get is related to sustainability. I try to teach to my students the little I can about building a solid and secure hourly rate (I have a BBA, so something of that helps me out) for them to actually get some revenue rather than losing money when working on a project. I am fully committed to photography, and I’ve had enough of these scammers trying to build their blogs and websites in the cheapest ways possible.

I want all newcomers (freelancers of all disciplines) to be aware of these scammers. I’ve worked with more than 200 clients from 35 different countries in the past 4 years, and almost 95% of them simply purchase my stuff without asking to much about my work, they simply rely on my stats which frankly are my most valuable asset, or my content (which they have previously read and then have reached me out to help them with their stuff).

I’m sure that these cheap “entrepreneurs” simply skip my work because it has been already published elsewhere and they don’t want to invest in my written-from-scratch content, so they keep scouting for people to send them stuff for free. Shame on you “long-termers”. And please, newcomers and doers from all over the globe, beware of these people. Your work is valuable, don’t let these scammers steal from you.

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When people ask me for samples, I tell them that realistically, I could copy and paste text from anywhere online and say I wrote it.

Sadly, the inevitable reply is always: "But how can I asess the qualtity of youre writting???"

If an English teacher died every time I had got that old response, the world would be an intellectual bloodbath.

Then again, maybe that’s what does happen…

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