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Why am i not Getting Order on Fiverr?


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Hello there - I can look at it from a buyer’s POV if that’s okay?

You’ve got 2 images used across all your gigs - one I recognise from Pixabay and the other one has text on which is too small to read even when I set my monitor to 200%.

Your gig prices are unrealistically high for somebody with no feedback. Your gig description needs far more detail about what buyers are being offered, and why they should choose you. No FAQ either which really helps buyers.

At the moment I’m afraid it seems it’s all about what you can do, but not really about how what you do can help the buyer, or why you’re the one to do it.

Hope this helps! 🌞

Added - nothing wrong with using a Pixabay image BTW so long as it’s free for commercial use. It’s just a bit too commonly used and doesn’t say much about you as a seller. 🙂

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