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The order of messages


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I am sure this is not the first time you have heard this but I have to add my two cents.

At my company we are developers (Desktop Web and Mobile). As developers we are strategically aware how our software affects the efficiency of our users. One point that I have found to be a big time waster at this site is that all new messages and notifications are always at the bottom of the list. This would not be a very big time waster if a project only takes a few messages back n forth, however the fact that I deal with tech types who are sellers we many times have very long discussions concerning methods and outcomes… Have extended conversations with many messages back n forth I end up with scrolling down to the bottom of the list constantly. The java script that pops up a recent message or notification is nice but if i click it it puts a refresh in to show the content but again leaves me at the top of the message/notification lists. Where as if I do just a refresh most sites leave you where you are on the page (in that case near the bottom).

Three solutions that I see.

One is to push the viewer/user to the bottom of a message/notification list.
Reverse the order of the messages from newest to older. (perhaps a preference setting in our profile) or
Give us a js bobble similar to top of page button but have it take us to the last message at the bottom.

it would be nice to not be scrolling constantly as a back n forth conversation continues.

Thanks for listening.

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