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Here are several answers compiled together for new guests who want to sell on Fiverr & get started


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From left to right…Link Buttons at top of page… that say…Home - to do - “lasso” {looking thingy} - shopping - sales

Home… This is Fiverr home, not your Gig home. to get to your gigs, go to sales button. Here you will see links on right of page… in order they are…

  • search activities box - site search
  • manage sales - not a link, this is where you are now
  • analytics
  • my gigs
  • revenues
  • create gig
  • perks - not a link
  • buyer requests
  • Fiverr revenue card
  • business cards…

  • “to do” link… When you click on this link at top of page… you go to"The sheetz i go to do". When you first setup account there will be things for you to do on this page before you can start selling.

    On this page you will find… amount of sales, new orders, positive rating, delivered orders, responsiveness, shopping orders, and open orders. “lasso” looking thingy. When you click on the… it shows your mailbox…

    Shopping… On this page you will not find a web store where you can buy that new pair of shoes you always wanted. You will however, find details that pertain to reviews, missing details, activity with your gig, delivered, completed, and cancelled orders. The links on the right of the page are *analytics, * financials- “DamnQuickPay” link, *Payments link, * Request a gig… and order details from your clients…

    When you hover your mouse over your Username this takes you to…
  • “what’s new”… in V2. V2 is version 2 of Fiverr
  • “Inbox”… for your mail…
  • "Collections… this is like your favorite “gigs”
  • “Settings”… public profile, account, and change password are here.

    Some things you will come across in Fiverr and how to deal with them… Creating your gigs…

    1… you are not allowed to have gigs that pertain to self help.

    When I saw that I thought what??? You can don’t worry about it.

    2… when you create your gig… in the title section don’t use periods or any other punctuation other than commas.

    3 when uploading a your “cover photo” the size is… this option comes up when your category is about graphics and art related gig. It may come up in other ones as well, just know that not all gigs this “cover photo” option will be there.When it does show up the size of the photo needs to be in pixels… 1100 X 260. minimum, not maximum. If you try and place the 260 first it won’t take it.

    3… Gig gallery photo size is… 682 X 459 pixels. minimun, not maximum

    4… When creating your tags… Sometimes you can have the same name, sometimes not. Example tags… website, website marketing and a third tag that says SEO website. It can want you to change tags because of the excessive use of the word “website”


    5… When you are writing your description the page will not let you move on if you use the same word too many times…

    6… uploading photo in “cover photo” box. Sometimes internet explorer will not let you do this. I switched browsers to Google Chrome and it worked well. Not sure about Firefox, I don’t use it.

    7… Next you go to upload video… So far for me, it won’t take .wmv from windows movie maker.

    It does take mp4s. Not sure about the rest of the extensions. I have not tried them.

    you can skip making a video if you like, may hurt sales though.

    8… next is shipping charges. One of the easiest pages on here… : ) You have option to charge for shipping or not.

    9… then you go to publish your gig… Hot damn you made it.!!!

    10… Your video will automatically go into suspended state. You can have the option to make it active on the “my gigs” page. If you have a video you may not be able to activate it until it is cleared. If you do not have a video to activate, activate your GIG and get that baby to bringing some “MONEY” in.

    11… After this when you go and search for your video, by your “username” the result page can come up empty handed. I’ve even searched for my gig that did not have a video, two days later and it still comes up this way. NO results found??? W*F. There is a small link at the top of the page that will take you to your uploaded gig. You can also search in your category and sub category and scroll till you find it… Goodd luck… : )

    When I think of more useful things about Fiverr and getting you to make some money… I will be back…

    Just a tidbit of info I found about Fiverr that will make you feel better… With this many people in this world, on this

    site… even if only half is correct. You will sell and can make a living at it…

    Fiverr.com info…

    Estimated worth,

    $ 489,993,315… 400 and 89 million dollars…

    Visitors per month… 572,400,000 visitors / month

    572 million plus

    95,399,767 pageviews / day… 95 million plus

    and over 6 Trillion visitors per year…

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