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Hi there! rynn3ku here~


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I’m rynn3ku and I thought I’d just drop by on the forums to introduce myself. 😊 I’m a high school student and hobbyist digital artist who mainly creates art commissions. About a year ago, I decided to stray away from my sketchbook doodles and focus more on digital art, eventually ending up drawing other people’s characters and ideas for them. I learned plenty of new things and I’d love to incorporate them in my work!

My art style ranges from semi-realistic to anime, mostly digital. I create webcomics as well as various digital pieces, but I also enjoy doing watercolor and acrylic pieces from time-to-time. The child in me tells me to stick to crayons. :woman_shrugging:

I’ll be graduating in less than a year so I wanted to explore more options to expand my services as well as gain experience + earn a bit of pocket money to help me along the way. I know there are plenty of other more-experienced commission artists on Fiverr, but hey, it’s worth a shot! 😄

Glad to meet you all 💟

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