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New to Fiverr--Not sure how to show first project in dashboard


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Hello All,

It took a week after I set myself up on Fiverr to get my first inquiry for a gig. I got one for an article proofreading/editing job, and the message center seemed to lead me to Create a New Gig–but forced me to put it at a minimum of $100, when I was going to offer $50.

I have done the work, sent the attachment of the article back to the buyer–who, in writing, said she wanted to hire me in the first place. I got no response for the rest of the day. I sent a polite message, asking for any follow-up, this morning, and didn’t get a response until just this afternoon that she hasn’t looked at my work yet. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

But in the meantime–how am I supposed to reflect that I’ve worked on my first gig on my Dashboard, so that I can begin building stats–and not get inadvertently booted from Fiverr, for supposedly not getting offers/reviews, etc.? Also, when my buyer’s inquiry came through to my messages, it happened at nearly 11 p.m., CDT–I was already in bed. I got what looks like a soft warning of taking 10 hours to respond, with that stat in red on my Dashboard, and on my Seller page, it makes me look like I don’t respond very quickly?! I was about to give up on Fiverr and shut down my account, thinking it might not be legitimate, when I logged on and saw the inquiry. But it seems I’ve been “dinged” before I could really get up and running–and I can’t figure out how to load my projects on the Dashboard to show that I’m working.

Help?! 😄

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