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Customer send message and never reply back after my message


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I’ve a question if you can reply I’ll be very honoured

I’m new to Fiverr ( New To Freelancing) and I’m facing one problem which is when customer send me a message
about his project or about my gig he wants to buy I reply and then he never reply back, it happened about 5 to 6 times and can you guys guide me that where is the problem maybe my communication is bad or something else?

Furqan Hameed

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Its happened with me many times.I find out it That when you do late reply to customer they don’t reply to you because when they do enquiry they do enquiry with many person same times.Winner will be that person who is online that time .So try to reply as soon as possible.And in second case after taking information they don’t reply back because may be they don’t like gigs on the basis of information.I advice you reply soon as possible and don’t worry about client…if he really interested then he will message you.

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