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5 ordres in Queue and 15 completed in 18 days


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But how and what is the reason behind nobody knows…I have been working on fiverr for last 8 months but in 7 months i didn’t get any order and any message from fiverr buyer’s but i couldn’t give up.And I kept working hard…My suggestion is for new seller’s Never accept defeat untill you get a thing which you really want…Keep working and always keep buyer’s request place a bid every day refresh your fiverr account after 30 minutes…And read fiverr tips and rules never ask for review never ask for rating never ask for number never ask for email never ask for out of fiverr communication because this thing is against for fiverr.be posiiive with buyer’s be direct with buyer’s direct means never create the complex for buyer’s be happy…The most important thing is that is you are new seller and you received a message from buyer and that work is out of your budget and you don’t understand what you do in this condition first say Hello and then say Thank you sir for contacting me and then say Sir i am not satisfy this budget if you want to work with me than this this this…Always reply to buyer’s if you can do or not but must reply this is a very good thing because give respect and take respect…Thank you

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