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New sellers, please don't message other sellers, unless


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…unless you actually want to buy something from them. Here are two very common things that you should not send messages to sellers about:

  1. Asking them to “send you work” or buy your gig. Sending unsolicited messages promoting your services is considered spam and can get your account banned quickly. Don’t do it.

  2. Asking for general advice on how to get started. There is plenty of information to get you started at the Seller Help Center: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/ and if you have questions, the forum or customer service are better places to ask for help.

Also, if you haven’t done so, it’s also very advisable to read the terms of service ASAP.

Some research and persistence go a long way. Good luck, new sellers!

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This is very annoying sometimes. I have respect to all sellers because we are part of the same system but seller messaging another seller to request work is very unacceptable. I had to deal response rate sometimes because of this kind of messages.

I have a quick response saved for them. They actually give a boost to my response time because I can fire that off within seconds of seeing the message.

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