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Questions to translators


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Here at Fiverr, I offer illustration and translation gigs.

I charge a gig for 200 words, and most of the buyers have no problems with them, and in many cases

if the translations are 210~220 words, I do it in one gig, not a big problem.

In other cases they will send me a file asking me if I feel comfortable/confident to work on it

before placing the order, and this is something I appreciate a lot, since some translations are very

challenging and outside my comfort zone. I would much rather look at the samples before the buyer

places the order.

There were some people though, who would message me with a short paragraph attached, in some

cases only a few sentences, and would ask me if I can translate it for them.

Well yes, if you place the order, I would get started with it right away, so I tell them that,

and they never reply.

So I guess these people are thinking hey, it’s just a short paragraph, maybe this seller

would be nice enough to just go ahead and translate it for me.

It might be a short paragraph, but it is still a translation, plus it would be unfair to the

other buyers who have paid a gig for just a few sentences.

Have other sellers who offer translation gigs experienced this?

Have you guys ever offered free translations, simply because it was short?

Just wondering.

IF the translation was just one WORD or a sentence…well, then maybe I’ll think about

just doing it for free. Well, maybe! 😛

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