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Buyer give great review then few days after asked for refund


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I Need urgent help!!!
i complete orders in past and then after few weeks he placed one more order, he completed the 3rd order but then asking me in inbox to give him refund of All 3 orders, even though he gave good review on past two. i am again and again saying i give unlimited revisions, i will do changes please tell but he saying i dont want this bad work, give refund of all orders including previous.
what should i do? im worried, if he was not satisfied why he give good feedback and why he completes order?
may be he used my prints and he just annoyying me to give refund.
will this effect my profile?
what should i do?
will fiverr do something against my id?
waiting for comments…

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after completing an order customer has no rights to refund because you work for what he paid…but as he is your customer so his satisfaction is your responsibility…i think when he say your delivered work he like it and give you good review about that but when he comes to use your work for which he ordered you, there your delivered work doesn’t not works so try to solve his problem with gently…

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