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Is there a way to avoid losing completion percentage?


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Hey everyone, I need some info.

I just woke up to an order for a drawing. The buyer (I’m guessing) didn’t read the description for the drawing and requested 4 people in a color drawing. But the gig they chose only include a black and white drawing of one person.

I haven’t gotten an answer from them yet because I just sent a message and a custom offer for the extras BUT this has happened before and the buyer just wanted to cancel the order afterwards, so I’m expecting them to want to cancel it.

Here’s the problem. I don’t get a lot of gigs and I’m afraid this will take away my “level one seller” title since my completion rate will drop. I’m not sure if it’ll drop bellow 90%, but I’d like to avoid that either way.

Do I have any ways of avoiding this without losing almost a hundred dollars to complete such a cheap order? Or do I have to suck it up and accept the “fiverr fate”?
Almost everyone tells me to stay away from fiverr but I’ve always liked it. I guess it’s because of stuff like this, if this stuff keeps happening I guess I’ll move to other places…

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